Portable Gantry Crane is a very portable and economical material handling equipment, suitable for lifting materials at any position in your facility.

We have hundreds of prefabricated portable gantry cranes for sale. All of our gantry cranes can be fully customized to your application requirements. Our engineering team will build you a custom portable gantry crane that has everything you need for efficient material handling in your facility. Buy a portable gantry crane and let us know if you need custom options!

TypeMobile Gantry Crane
Portable Gantry Crane
Lifting Capacity0.25 to 10 tons
Lifting Height1 to 9 meter
Span2 to 12 meter
Lifting Speed0.9~7.2 m/min
Trolley Traveling Speed11 m/min
Crane Traveling Speed6 m/min or manual
Crane Control OptionsPush Button Pendants,
Radio Controls, manual
Hoist Powerelectrical or manual
Hoist Running Powerelectrical or manual
Crane Running Powerelectrical or manual
Working DutyA3


Portable or mobile gantry cranes are free-standing gantries mounted onto wheels or casters so they can quickly and easily be moved from one location to another. All our gantries can be mounted with wheels or casters. These cranes are sometimes also referred to as a-frame hoists, cranes, or gantries because of the triangular (“A”) shape of their legs.

Portable Gantry Crane is manufactured for lifting equipment, loading and unloading of the warehouse, maintaining heavy-duty equipment, and transporting materials, applicable for small and medium factories.

The omnidirectional movement of the portable gantry crane is the biggest advantage. It has a fast assembly speed and a small size. It can be moved to another area with only a mini-car. You can even push it at short distances by one person, and then move the portable gantry crane to the position you need.

Portable Gantry Crane Capacity is 0.25 tons to 10 tons, span is 12 meters. The brake-bearing universal wheel can move on the ground, and be used together with an electric hoist, chain block, and monorail trolley, realizing crane mechanization, which can reduce human power, and production costs, and improve work efficiency.

Portable Gantry Cranes: The most common gantry cranes that can reach all corners of a factory, lift and move materials, or be used to haul motors, equipment, and other heavy machinery. Simple to make, suitable for quick disassembly, and only one person is required to push it easily.

Adjustable Gantry Cranes: The height of the gantry can be adjusted for use at doorways, aisles, and under obstacles, making it an excellent gantry crane for warehouses and workshops.

Aluminium Gantry Cranes: Lightweight, portable and stable under load conditions. Their low weight and easy disassembly make our aluminum gantry cranes ideal for material handling tasks. And the aluminum gantry crane is corrosion-resistant, which is an ideal choice for customers in special environments.


Permanent installation is not required, better price of the rail.

Quick and easy to assembly.

Portable design allows for relocation for use in more than one facility or work area.

Gantry construction adopts a standard welding method. All nuts, bolts, and pins are plated for corrosion resistance.

All Gantry Cranes are painted by safety standard paint.

Simple Gantry Crane work efficiently and economically


Because gantry cranes ride on the ground rather than on overhead runways, they don’t require a runway structure.

Nor do they usually require concrete foundations.

Their installation is fast and simple.

Depending on the environment and application, gantry cranes can sometimes provide the same material handling capabilities as a comparable bridge crane system, but with significant cost savings.

Simple and compact structure


Steady performance

Easy maintenance

WeiHuaCrane Advantages

  • More professional service: If you are not sure how to customize, our sales manager will help you choose the most suitable product for you;
  • Best for you: professional engineers customize products according to your user environment;
  • Better price: According to your user environment, etc., we will give you the most suitable product, save unnecessary functions, and help you save money;
  • Customized lifting height: According to your needs, the lifting height can be customized for you, which can be extended, reduced, etc., which is most suitable for you;
  • Customized function: wireless remote control can be installed, which is more convenient to use;
  • Modify the power supply: you can modify the power supply (voltage, frequency, etc.) according to your environment;
  • On-site installation: Worried about installation errors, we can on-site installation and commissioning;
  • Guidance: We provide use videos and detailed maintenance manuals;
  • Replacement of vulnerable parts: more vulnerable parts are provided so that your crane can be replaced in the first time when it is worn out;
  • Parts are processed separately: after long-term use, if some parts are damaged, we will process these parts for you and send them to you;

Application Scenarios

Portable gantry cranes can be used in production workshops, warehouses, laboratories, outdoors, and other places where materials need to be moved.

Portable gantry crane lifts have a beam supported by two legs equipped with swivel casters to work on specific areas. The device can lift heavy objects and can be moved under load using mechanical or manual power, optional.

load250 kg to 10 tons
highFixed height or adjustable height
spanFixed span or adjustable span
hoistChain hoist or wire rope hoist or manual hoist
materialsteel or aluminum
mobile wayelectric or manual

The advantage of portable gantry cranes is that there is no need to install fixed equipment (such as overhead cranes).

CapacitySpanLifting heightLifting speedTrolley speedWork duty
0.5 ton2~162~127.2(7.2/2.4)11(21)A3
1 ton2~162~126.6(6.9/2.3)11(21)A3
2 ton2~162~126.6(6.9/2.3)11(21)A3
3 ton2~162~125.4(5.4/1.8)11(21)A3
5 ton2~162~122.7(2.7/0.9)11(21)A3
10 ton2~162~122.7(2.7/0.9)11(21)A3

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