Low Headroom Overhead Cranes are designed for low height plants and factories, where the lifting room is limited but lifting height is high. The lifting capacity of the overhead crane is 1 to 32 tons whereas the lifting height is 6~20m.

Lifting Capacity1 to 80 tons
Lifting Height1 m to 30 m
Span 7.5m to 22.5 m
Crane Control OptionsPush Button Pendants,
Radio Controls, cab
Hoist Powerelectrical
Hoist Running Powerelectrical
Crane Running Powerelectrical
Working DutyA3, A4
Ambient Temperature-25~40℃


LDP type low headroom overhead crane is a kind of light material handling equipment, specially designed for low headroom workshop applications. The low headroom bridge crane adopts a special structure design, and the electric hoist is placed on the side of the main beam, which increases the lifting space of the hook, reduces the requirement on the height of the building, and reduces the construction and production cost.

What can we offer you?

We can provide you with a common low headroom overhead crane with a lifting weight of 1 ton to 32 tons, a span of 7.5 m to 28.5 m, a lifting height of 1 m to 30 m, and a light working class (A3, A4).

If these cannot meet your requirements, we can also design and manufacture the low headroom overhead crane that meets your needs according your needs.


  • Electric hoist is placed at one side of girder, the lifting space is increased and therefore lower the requirement to factory height and production cost.
  • Due to the wide tread design, tight structure, and strong rigidity, the trolley can move smoothly, quietly, and safely.
  • Flexible operation, and high working efficiency.
  • High reliability and safety.
  • Delicate exterior.
  • Cost-effective crane price.

WeiHuaCrane Advantages

  • More professional service: If you are not sure how to customize, our sales manager will help you choose the most suitable product for you;
  • Best for you: professional engineers customize products according to your user environment;
  • Better price: According to your user environment, etc., we will give you the most suitable product, save unnecessary functions, and help you save money;
  • Customized lifting height: According to your needs, the lifting height can be customized for you, which can be extended, reduced, etc., which is most suitable for you;
  • Customized function: wireless remote control can be installed, which is more convenient to use;
  • Modify the power supply: you can modify the power supply (voltage, frequency, etc.) according to your environment;
  • On-site installation: Worried about installation errors, we can on-site installation and commissioning;
  • Guidance: We provide use videos and detailed maintenance manuals;
  • Replacement of vulnerable parts: more vulnerable parts are provided so that your crane can be replaced in the first time when it is worn out;
  • Parts are processed separately: after long-term use, if some parts are damaged, we will process these parts for you and send them to you;

Application Scenarios

It is used in factory buildings with restricted height but higher lifting height. If you choose to purchase a low headroom single girder overhead crane, you can send us your factory building structure diagram, and our engineers will help you design your Material handling equipment.

Main Structure and Feature

It mainly has three parts: the mechanism part, (metal structure and crane travelling parts), electric hoist(lifting mechanism), electrical equipment (safe protection, operation).

Mechanism Part

  1. Single girder, made by the high quality I steel and high-quality U-shaped slot into the composition
  2. Material Q235B or Q345B(similar as Fe37 or Fe52)
  3. The end girder is welded with rectangular tubes or good steel
  4. Main girders contacted with bolts
  5. Crane travelling use respective drive
  6. QS trinity-drive system or traditional drive-by motor and reducer
  7. Assembly and adjustment is rapid, simple
  8. Compact structure, small and light
  9. use LD single girder special wheel, light and strong versatility
  10. Stable travelling, effective brake, long service life
  11. Choosing according to different needs

Electric Hoist

The electric hoist adopts a single-speed wire rope hoist or a double-speed wire rope hoist.

Electrical Equipment

  1. Trolley conductor or angle steel conductor power supply
  2. Hoist and crane Separately control, move separately or together
  3. Flat cable or special cable power supply for electric hoist
  4. Galvanize slide and cable trolley, smoothly moving, appearance is aesthetics
  5. Electrical non-contact speed regulation control module
  6. Operation, hoisting, the point start are very smoothly
  7. Power leading has both methods of the current collector and flexible cable

Safety Device

  1. Outdoor cranes are equipped with a lifting mechanism,  electrical control box and rainproof devices
  2.  Overloading alarm, two grades of top dashing proof protection
  3.  Crane buffer
  4. Anti-collision, sound and light alarm devices
  5. Circuit self-check protector
  6. Flow phase lack protection


  1. Ground control and cabin control
  2. The cabin has an open style, close style, can be fixed on left or right
  3. The open direction include end open, side open or top open
  4. The cabin includes a special small room for single-girder and  capsule cabin
  5. Ground control has handled and remote control, do not need to set up the special driver
  6. Users can choose as they need

Low Headroom Overhead Crane Parameters Table

Lifting CapacitySpanLifting HeightLifting Speed
Lifting Speed
(double speed)
Trolley SpeedCrane SpeedWork DutyTrack Type
1 ton7.5~31.56~3080.8/820(30)20(30)A3~A4P18
2 tons7.5~31.56~3080.8/820(30)20(30)A3~A4P18  P24
3 tons7.5~31.56~3080.8/820(30)20(30)A3~A4P24
5 tons7.5~31.56~3080.8/820(30)20(30)A3~A4P24
10 tons7.5~31.59~3070.7/720(30)20(30)A3~A4P24 P30
16 tons7.5~31.59~303.50.35/3.51820(30)A3~A4P30 P38
20 tons7.5~31.59~303.30.33/3.31420(30)A3~A4P38 P43
25 tons7.5~25.59~3030.3/31620(30)A3~A4P38 P43

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