Single Girder Overhead Crane is a kind of light and small material handling equipment with reasonable structure and strong rigidity. It is used in factories, warehouses, stockyards, and other busy and heavy work situations.

The single girder overhead crane or single girder bridge crane consists of one girder beam supported on each side by an end truck. The trolley and hoist are most commonly underhung, which means they run on the bridge’s bottom flange. In terms of design, the bridge can be either top running or under running. 

For many applications and industries, single girder bridge cranes are the most cost-effective lifting solution. Single girder cranes use less material and are more compact and lightweight than double overhead girder cranes, resulting in significant material, freight, and installation cost savings. Furthermore, because only one bridge beam is required, these systems typically have less dead weight, allowing them to use lighter runway systems and tie into the existing building support structure.

Lifting Capacity1 ton to 32 tons
Lifting Height1 to 100 meter(custom-made)
Span 6 to 32 meter
Lifting Speed0.3-8 m/min
Hoist Running Speed20 m/min
Crane Running Speed20 m/min
Crane Control OptionsPush Button Pendants,
Radio Controls
Hoist Powerelectrical
Hoist Running Powerelectrical
Crane Running Powerelectrical
Working DutyA3, A4

Single Girder Overhead Cranes can be equipped with two possible hoists

CD&MD Wire Rope Hoist

When installed on a single girder overhead crane, the WeiHuaCrane CD&MD wire rope hoist can give you a lifting capacity of 32 tons.

CD wire rope hoists offer you a choice of speed.
MD wire rope hoists offer you two-speed options.
CD&MD wire rope hoists are easy to install and maintain, easy to operate, and cost-effective.

Single girder overhead crane using CD&MD wire rope hoist, model LD, also known as LD overhead crane.

Single-speed Electric Wire Rope Hoist

NR Wire Rope Hoist

When installed on a single girder overhead crane, the WeiHuaCrane NR wire rope hoist gives you a lifting capacity of 12.5 tons.

NR wire rope hoist adopts a C-shaped layout, which has higher space utilization and simple maintenance.

Single girder overhead crane using NR wire rope hoist, model HD, also known as HD overhead crane.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist



Design the details

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Working Class

Lifting Height


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Hoist Image

Lifting Speed

Trolley Travelling Speed

Crane Travelling Speed




Total weight

LD Crane

  • Integrated design

motor, reducer, electrics Integrated, Hard to maintain

  • M3

  • 4.05 meter

CD&MD hoist is the supporting equipment of LD overhead crane.

  • 4 m/min (single speed)

  • 20 m/min (single speed)

  • 20m/min (single speed)

CHNT (origin from China)

Gearbox and wire rope need to add oil every year. Will need to stop production for maintenance.

  • Big noise in the warehouse

  • 7.14 tons

Most Popular

HD Crane

  • Modular design

motor, reducer, electrics separated, easy to maintain

  • M5

  • 4.15 meter

NR hoists are the supporting equipment for HD overhead cranes.

  • 0.5 to 5 m/min (inverter control)

  • 2 to 20m/min (inverter control)

  • 2 to 20m/min (inverter control)

Schneider (France)

Maintenance-free, no need to add oil 3~5 years

  • Little noise

  • 6.5 tons

Single Girder Overhead Cranes Serve

WeiHuaCrane can provide one-stop solutions for Single Girder Overhead Cranes, including design, production, installation, training, maintenance, repair, etc.
Also offers OEM/ODM service for Single Girder Overhead Cranes.
Products can be customized according to your individual requirements.
Please tell us your ideas or provide your design files and our R&D team will do the rest.


A type of bridge-type crane with a single girder overhead crane running on an elevated track, also known as a crane.
The bridge frame of the single-girder bridge crane runs longitudinally along the tracks laid on both sides of the elevated frame, and the hoisting trolley runs laterally along the track laid on the bridge frame, forming a rectangular working range, which can make full use of the space under the bridge frame to lift materials, Not hindered by ground equipment.

The single-girder overhead crane has high rigidity and low self-weight. This reduces the load on the overhead crane runway.

The most cost-effective design will be your best choice for material handling.
The hoisting mechanism of the single girder overhead crane is a hoist with high handling speed, which provides you with excellent material handling.

The design has high rigidity and stability, high-cost performance, high efficiency, and good performance.

What can we offer you?

We can provide you with a common single-beam overhead crane with a lifting weight of 1 to 32 tons, a span of 7.5 to 28.5 meters, a lifting height of 1 to 30 meters, and a light working class (A3, A4).

If these cannot meet your requirements, we can also design and manufacture single-girder overhead cranes that meet your needs according to your needs.

The main purpose of the Single Girder Overhead Crane is?

Single Girder Overhead Crane is a kind of light and small material handling equipment that runs on rails.

Used with electric hoists such as single-speed wire rope hoists (CD) and double-speed wire rope hoists (MD).

Main places of use: material handling on different occasions such as mechanical production workshops, factories, warehouses, stockyards, etc.

Single girder overhead cranes cannot be used in special flammable, explosive, and corrosive environments (special material handling equipment, Explosion-proof Double Girder Overhead Crane, and Explosion-proof Single Girder Overhead Crane are required).

If you are in a special industry, please write down your industry when you leave a message, and our engineers will customize an overhead crane that meets your industry standards.

Introduction of LD single girder overhead crane

The LD single-girder overhead crane is designed and produced in accordance with national standards. It is a light and small material handling crane equipped with a CD&MD hoist as a lifting mechanism. The LD single-girder overhead crane has a lifting capacity of 1 to 32 tons and working grades of A3 and A4.

Application of LD single beam overhead crane

LD single girder overhead crane is used to lift loads in various environments, such as factories, warehouses, yards, etc., but it is forbidden to use in some dangerous environments, such as flammable environments, explosive environments, etc.

Advantages of LD Single Girder Overhead Crane

Well-designed and rigid
Good practicability, easy to use, strong versatility
Smooth ride with speed control function
There is a wide range of electric hoists to choose from.

Features of LD single girder overhead crane

on a single beam
The crane beam is composed of high-quality I-shaped steel and high-quality U-shaped grooves. The end beams are welded from rectangular tubes or high-quality steel.
The girders can be assembled and adjusted easily and quickly.
Compact structure, small size and light weight.
Special wheels are lightweight and versatile.
Smooth driving, effective braking, long service life,

on electrical components

The hoist and crane are controlled separately and can be moved together or separately.
Flat cable or special cable power supply for electric hoist
Galvanized Slides and Cable Trolleys
Dynamic and smooth, overall beautiful
Set the electric gliding speed to be high to ensure continuous power supply,
The operation, hoisting and point start are very smooth.
Users can choose according to different needs

on the safety device

Anti-collision, sound and light alarm device.
Circuit self-test protector.
Flow phase loss protection.
And install various safety measures as required.

on operating equipment

Ground Control and Cabin Control
Cables are available in open and closed styles and can be fixed on the left or right
Opening directions include end opening, side opening or top opening
Cabins have special cubbies and capsules.
Ground control has handle and remote control, no need to set special driver
Users can choose according to their needs

Introduction of HD Overhead Crane

HD Overhead Crane is a single girder overhead crane developed with new design concepts and technology, which conforms to international standards, namely DIN, FEM, and ISO.

As specially designed material handling equipment, the HD bridge crane has the advantages of high rigidity, lightweight, and outstanding design. HD single girder overhead crane can save the working space of your factory and save your investment cost, it is your best choice. The lifting capacity of an HD single girder overhead crane is about 1 to 30 tons, and the working class is A5.

We can supply customized HD single girder overhead cranes.

Application of HD Single Girder Overhead Crane

HD single-girder bridge cranes are widely used in material handling of various workstations such as machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical, ports, railways, civil aviation, electric power, food, paper, and building materials, and electronics. Precision material handling and precision assembly of large parts.

Advantages of HD single girder overhead crane

New design, lightweight,
Small wheel load pressure, small size,
Good driving ability, double boost speed,
Trolley, crane variable frequency speed regulation,
The ride is smooth and smooth.

HD Crane and LD Crane Comparison

Due to the design concept, HD single girder overhead cranes feature small size, light dead weight, minimum hook-to-wall restricted distance, high headroom, and lifting height.
Compared with LD cranes, European-style single-girder bridge cranes have the following advantages:

1. HD single girder overhead cranes can provide more efficient working space than traditional cranes.

2. HD single girder overhead cranes require a smaller workplace and more functions.

3. HD single-girder bridge crane has lightweight, and the wheel pressure is much smaller than that of traditional cranes.

4. HD single girder overhead crane can save a lot of money for initial construction investment, long-term heating costs, air conditioning, and other maintenance costs.


Generally speaking, HD single girder overhead cranes have the following characteristics:

1. About mechanical parts:

The single main beam, welded box structure, and camber angle all meet the standard.
Steel plate Material Q235 or Q345B (equivalent to foreign steel plate Fe3 or Fe52).
The main welding seam adopts joint fusion welding and non-destructive testing.
After welding, the main beam is shot blasted to Sa2.5 level to eliminate welding stress.
The main beam and the end beam are contacted by bolts, which ensures the strength and precision of the whole set.
The trolley and the crane adopt a three-in-one drive mechanism, variable frequency stepless speed regulation, hard tooth surface, and disc brake.
Crane drive IP55, Class F insulation, 40% ED contact continuity.
Epoxy zinc-rich paint, long service life, and beautiful appearance.
Crane buffer block, anti-derailment end plate

2. About the electrical part

Safety sliding wire: high conductivity, small pressure drop, fast current collector sliding speed;
Lifting mechanism: independent control system for trolley and crane, which can be synchronized and operated independently;
Electric control box: reasonable layout, simple maintenance, insulation grade IP55;
Cable: flat cable, galvanized track, cable pulley for trolley power supply;
Electric non-contact module speed control.

3. Lifting mechanism

For details, see the New-style wire rope hoist.

4. Protection device

HD single girder bridge crane has an overload alarm, secondary anti-pinch, sound and light alarm device, circuit self-check protector, flow phase loss protection, and other protection devices.

5. Operation

HD single-girder bridge crane has a variety of operation modes for you to choose from: ground flashlight, remote control, flashlight + remote control, etc.
The ground operation is simple and does not require professional operators, giving crane operators more freedom.
Dual stop buttons or rocker-style joystick.
Customizable operation design.


  1. The structure is simple and reasonable, and the overall rigidity is strong;
  2. Good craftsmanship, convenient production, strong versatility;
  3. The overall size is small, the work level is not high;
  4. Normal speed or variable frequency speed regulation, stable operation;
  5. Users can choose according to different needs;

Work level is to judge your work level based on information such as your daily working hours and hourly use frequency.
If you are not sure, you can leave a message below and tell us this, our engineers will determine for you whether you need a higher-level overhead crane.

For higher lifting capacity or working level, we will recommend you to use double girder overhead crane.

WeiHuaCrane Advantages

  1. More professional service: If you are not sure how to customize, our sales manager will help you choose the most suitable product for you;
  2. Best for you: professional engineers customize products according to your user environment;
  3. Better price: According to your user environment, etc., we will give you the most suitable product, save unnecessary functions, and help you save money;
  4. Customized lifting height: According to your needs, the lifting height can be customized for you, which can be extended, reduced, etc., which is most suitable for you;
  5. Customized function: wireless remote control can be installed, which is more convenient to use;
  6. Modify the power supply: you can modify the power supply (voltage, frequency, etc.) according to your environment;
  7. On-site installation: Worried about installation errors, we can on-site installation and commissioning;
  8. Guidance: We provide use videos and detailed maintenance manuals;
  9. Replacement of vulnerable parts: more vulnerable parts are provided so that your crane can be replaced in the first time when it is worn out;
  10. Parts are processed separately: after long-term use, if some parts are damaged, we will process these parts for you and send them to you;

Application Scenarios

Single-girder Overhead Crane is suitable for a working environment -25℃~+40℃, and the applicable power supply is a three-phase alternating current 380V, 50HZ (can be customized according to the requirements of the use environment).

Single-girder overhead cranes are often used for material handling in machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical, ports, railways, civil aviation, electric power, food, paper, building materials, electronics, and other industries.
Single-girder overhead cranes are also widely used where precise material handling and precise assembly of large parts and other loads are required.

Main Structure and Feature

It mainly has three parts: the mechanism part, (metal structure and crane travelling parts), the electric hoist(lifting mechanism), and electrical equipment (safe protection, operation).

Mechanism Part

  1. Single girder made the high quality I steel and high-quality U-shaped slot into the composition
  2. Material Q235B or Q345B(similar as Fe37 or Fe52)
  3. The end girder is welded with rectangular tubes or good steel
  4. Main girders contacted with bolts
  5. Crane travelling use respective drive
  6. QS trinity-drive system or traditional drive-by motor and reducer
  7. Assembly and adjustment are rapid, simple
  8. Compact structure, small and light
  9. use LD single girder special wheel, light, and strong versatility
  10. Stable travelling, effective brake, long service life
  11. Choosing according to different needs

Electric Hoist

The electric hoist adopts a single-speed wire rope hoist, a double-speed wire rope hoist, or an NR wire rope hoist.

Electric hoist adopts single-speed wire rope hoist, double-speed wire rope hoist, or NR wire rope hoist.

Electrical Equipment

  1. Trolley conductor or angle steel conductor power supply
  2. Hoist and crane Separately control, move separately or together
  3. Flat cable or special cable power supply for electric hoist
  4. Galvanize slide and cable trolley, smoothly moving, appearance is aesthetics
  5. Electrical non-contact speed regulation control module
  6. Operation, hoisting, and the point start are very smoothly
  7. Power leading has both methods of the current collector and flexible cable

Safety Device

  1. Outdoor cranes are equipped with a lifting mechanism,  electrical control box, and rainproof devices
  2.  Overloading alarm, two grades of top dashing proof protection
  3.  Crane buffer
  4. Anti-collision, sound, and light alarm devices
  5. Circuit self-check protector
  6. Flow phase lacks protection


  1. Ground control and cabin control
  2. The cabin has an open style, close style, can be fixed on the left or right
  3. The open direction includes end open, side open, or top open
  4. The cabin includes a special small room for single-girder and  capsule cabin
  5. Ground control has handled and remote control, does not need to set up the special driver
  6. Users can choose as they need

Technical Parameter of Single Girder Overhead Crane

Lifting CapacitySpanLifting HeightLifting Speed
Lifting Speed
(double speed)
Trolley SpeedCrane SpeedWork DutyTrack Type
1 ton7.5~31.56~3080.8/820(30)20(30)A3~A4P18
2 ton7.5~31.56~3080.8/820(30)20(30)A3~A4P18  P24
3 ton7.5~31.56~3080.8/820(30)20(30)A3~A4P24
5 ton7.5~31.56~3080.8/820(30)20(30)A3~A4P24
10 ton7.5~31.59~3070.7/720(30)20(30)A3~A4P24 P30
16 ton7.5~31.59~303.50.35/3.51820(30)A3~A4P30 P38
20 ton7.5~31.59~303.30.33/3.31420(30)A3~A4P38 P43
25 ton7.5~25.59~3030.3/31620(30)A3~A4P38 P43

Crane Video

Installation Guide of Single Girder Overhead Crane

Single Girder Overhead Crane Running Animation

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As one of the leading Single Girder Overhead Cranes manufacturers, WeiHuaCrane provides you with cost-effective overhead lifting equipment, which can be perfectly adapted to your working environment.
The first choice for factories and construction companies, fast production, fast service, and can meet the needs of your material handling projects in a short time.
Customize the solution according to your usage environment.
We design, manufacture, install and maintain Single Girder Overhead Cranes.

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