Motorized Trolley Electric Chain Hoists is a light and small material handling equipment consisting of an electric motor, a transmission mechanism, and a sprocket. As a flexible and stable lifting tool, it is of great help to improve productivity and work efficiency. Can be suspended from I-beams or fixed brackets or equipped with single and double beams for heavy lifting work.

Motorized Trolley Electric Chain Hoists are manufactured to strict international manufacturing standards. The lifting capacity is 0.5 to 35 tons, and the lifting height is 3 to 100 meters. Working-class is M3 or M4. Motorized Trolley Electric Chain Hoists are smaller, lighter, quieter, and more accurate.

TypeMotorized Trolley
Lifting Capacity0.5 to 35 tons
Lifting Height3 to 100 meter
hoists runningelectrical
trolley runningelectrical
Working DutyM3, M4
Function Wayelectric
Ambient Temperature-20~40℃


Motor-Driven Trolleys Electric Chain Hoists are light and small lifting equipment. Consisted of a motor, transmission mechanism, and chain wheel. Beautiful is out looking, Solid Durable. Inside gears are hot-quenched then increases the wear resistance of the gear and toughness. Adopt international advanced technology, fine workmanship, and gear wheel tight fit.

  • Compact structure, small size, light bodyweight
  • Reliable, easy operation, wide using scope.

What can we offer you?

Lifting capacity:500 kg to 35 tons (500 kg,1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, 7.5 tons, 10 ton, 15 tons, 20 ton, 25 ton, 30 ton, 35 ton).

Lifting height is customized according to your usage requirements.

The main purpose of an electric Chain Hoist?

Usd for lifting or loading. Or lifting heavy objects for work or keep in repair.

It can be controlled by a handle on the ground or a wire(no-wire) remote control.

It can be suspended and fixed for use or matched with a monorail electric trolley.


  1. Compact structure, small size, light body weight
  2. Reliable, easy operation, wide using scope.

Structure Features

  1. The body chooses to use high strength tensile shell or die casting aluminum case, extrusion molding process thin-walled precision manufacturing, small size, low weight, high strength.
  2. Seperate speed-adjusting system, seal the level 2 coaxial transmission speed gear mechanism with long-service oil bath lubrication system.
  3. The electric hoist powder metallurgy clutch is used for overload protection device. The brake disc adopts dc magnetic field, braking torque, stable and rapid, the noise is small.

Application Scenarios

  1. Widely used in factories, storage, wind-power station, logistics, port, and construction fields.
  2. Usd for lifting or loading. Or lifting heavy objects for work or keep in repair.
  3. It can be controlled by a handle on the ground or a wire(no-wire) remote control.
  4. It can be suspended and fixed for use or matched with a monorail electric trolley

Motorized Trolley Electric Chain Hoists are a cost-effective solution to people’s lifting needs by providing accurate load location and easy-to-use controls, even with heavy loads.

Typically, Motorized Trolley Electric Chain hoists are used for lifting, transporting, loading, and unloading materials in warehouses, factories, wind power plants, workshops, etc. In addition to this, Motorized Trolley Electric Chain Hoists are ideal for assembly operations cranes on workstation cranes with jibs, or for maintenance operations.

Technical Data

Motorized Trolley Electric Chain Hoists Components

Motorized Trolley Electric Chain Hoists are smaller, lighter and stronger due to their compact structure and thin-wall molding process. In addition, the internal gear has enhanced wear resistance and toughness through quenching, making the hoist beautiful and easy to control.

Sophisticated structure

The Motorized Trolley Electric Chain Hoists body features a high-strength stretch shell, which can also be designed according to your requirements. Our Motorized Trolley Electric Chain Hoists feature a split speed control system. The 2-stage coaxial transmission gear mechanism adopts a long-life oil bath lubrication system. Overload protection adopts an electric hoist powder metallurgy clutch. The brake disc adopts DC magnetic field, with large braking torque, stable, fast, and low noise.

Sturdy aluminum die-cast body

The housing of our Motorized Trolley Electric Chain Hoists is made of aluminum alloy, which protects the internal components of electric chain hoists with electric trolleys from rain and dust. In other words, your hoist will have a longer lifespan. And the aluminum used to make the hoist is eco-friendly and ensures a healthy working environment free of pollutants, lead, and toxic substances. Plus, it’s very easy to clean.

Efficient motor

Motorized Trolley Electric Chain Hoists is specially designed and manufactured for the trolley hoist, which makes the hoist run continuously for about 30 minutes with full load, with high performance and efficiency. In addition, our motor insulation grade reaches an F grade, and the protection grade reaches IP55. The motor frame made of high-quality aluminum heat sinks helps protect the motor from overheating.

Dual Brake System

A quality braking system is a secret to a quality crane. Motorized Trolley Electric Chain Hoists have a dual braking system – mechanical and electric. The electromagnetic brake is combined with the mechanical brake to form a complete double braking system. Therefore, the electric block control is very convenient, and safety can be guaranteed when working.

Low-pressure control handle

The standard low voltage on the handle of our electric chain hoist is 24v-36v, which can effectively protect the operator from electric shock. The low voltage standard makes electric sprockets suitable for mechanics and small machine shops, as the hoist can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet.

Precautions for the use of Motorized Trolley Electric Chain Hoists

  • Keep lifting ropes and chains lubricated.
  • Remember to lift loads directly above them to ensure they remain stationary (if not centered) when lifted.
  • The lever-operated hoist can be pulled in any direction in a straight line. However, side pulling or lifting can increase wear and stress on the lifting components.
  • completely out of the load.
  • Put the load completely in the hook.
  • Run the electric chain block smoothly and avoid sudden and jerky movements of the load.
  • Make sure that the slings and lifting chains are not slack before lifting.
  • Keep the load free from any loose material, parts, blockages, and packaging before lifting.
  • Make sure everyone is away from the load before operation.


CapacityNumber of chainsSpeed selectionLifting SpeedPhaseVoltageFrequency
0.5 tons1Single-Speed6.83-phase220-44050/60
0.5 tons1Double Speed6.9 and 2.33-phase220-44050/60
1 ton1Single-Speed6.63-phase220-44050/60
1 ton1Double Speed6.9 and 2.33-phase220-44050/60
1 ton2Single-Speed3.43-phase220-44050/60
1 ton2Double Speed3.5 and 1.23-phase220-44050/60
2 tons1Single-Speed6.63-phase220-44050/60
2 tons1Double Speed6.8 and 2.33-phase220-44050/60
2 tons2Single-Speed3.33-phase220-44050/60
2 tons2Double Speed3.3 and 1.13-phase220-44050/60
3 tons1Single-Speed5.43-phase220-44050/60
3 tons1Double Speed5.4 & 1.83-phase220-44050/60
3 tons2Single-Speed4.43-phase220-44050/60
3 tons2Double Speed4.5 and 1.53-phase220-44050/60
3 tons3Single-Speed2.23-phase220-44050/60
3 tons3Double Speed2.4 and 0.83-phase220-44050/60
5 tons2Single-Speed2.73-phase220-44050/60
5 tons2Double Speed2.7 and 0.93-phase220-44050/60
7.5 tons3Single-Speed1.83-phase220-44050/60
7.5 tons3Double Speed1.8 and 0.63-phase220-44050/60
10 tons4Single-Speed2.73-phase220-44050/60
10 tons4Double Speed2.7 and 0.93-phase220-44050/60
15 tons6Single-Speed1.83-phase220-44050/60
15 tons6Double Speed1.8 and 0.63-phase220-44050/60
20 tons8Single-Speed1.43-phase220-44050/60
20 tons8Double Speed1.5 and 0.63-phase220-44050/60
25 tons10Single-Speed1.13-phase220-44050/60
25 tons10Double Speed1.2 & 0.43-phase220-44050/60
30 tons12Single-Speed0.93-phase220-44050/60
30 tons12Double Speed1.0 and 0.33-phase220-44050/60
35 tons16Single-Speed0.73-phase220-44050/60
35 tons16Double Speed0.7 and 0.253-phase220-44050/60

Compared with of electric wire rope hoist

Electric Chain Hoists advantage: fixed lifting spot. Small size, convenient installation, the chain is not easy to snarl.

But relatively, the Electric chain hoists speed is slower and more suitable for precision operation. The point start error does not exceed 1 cm. Such as used in mold factories, wind power stations, car manufacturing, and synchronous ascension in stage performance.

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