Whether you are on a budget or ordering a crane, getting an overhead crane price is always one of the most important aspects you must consider.

It is common to encounter customers who want to get prices for overhead cranes directly on our website. They might be ordering, and some even budgeting for a project. Regardless, the price to get an overhead crane is a major requirement for most customers.

The questions we often get are: “How much is a 5-ton overhead crane?”, “What is the price of a 10-ton double girder overhead crane?”, “We would like to be your agent, please send me your overhead crane price list .”

But usually, we can’t give you an accurate price, because overhead cranes are customized products according to your needs and installation environment.

Overhead Crane Price List

Because too many people ask us about the price of cranes, in order to solve your doubts, we have compiled a general price list for you based on the crane cases we have done before, hoping to help you.

If you need a more detailed and accurate price, you can send your requirements to us, we will design a crane solution for you according to your needs, and then send the crane drawing and quotation to you.

Overhead CraneSpanLifting HeightPrice
1 ton7 to 32 meter6 to 30 meter$2200 to $60000
2 tons7 to 32 meter6 to 30 meter$2500 to $62000
3 tons7 to 32 meter6 to 30 meter$2600 to $66000
5 tons7 to 32 meter6 to 30 meter$3000 to $72000
10 tons7 to 32 meter6 to 30 meter$4000 to $79000
16 tons7 to 32 meter6 to 30 meter$5000 to $86000
20 tons7 to 32 meter6 to 30 meter$6000 to $95000
25 tons7 to 32 meter6 to 30 meter$8000 to $110000

What affects the price of overhead cranes?

Therefore, the actual situation of each customer is different, and even the price of overhead cranes with the same lifting capacity will be different. major factor.

In addition, overhead cranes will also be affected by fluctuations in raw material prices. The main raw material of overhead cranes is steel, so it will also be affected by steel prices in the market.

Differences in any one factor will result in different prices. Therefore, if you would like to obtain a price for an overhead crane that matches your working conditions, please send us a detailed request with the following information:

Overhead Crane Parameters
  • The type of crane you need
  • The capacity or maximum rated load (tons or lb) you need the crane to lift
  • Lifting height of your crane (H)
  • The span of your crane
  • Your crane Power supply(e.g. 380V 50Hz 3Phase)
  • How often do you use the crane
  • Do you need us to provide crane travel tracks?
  • The environment in which your crane will operate

Any special architectural or structural requirements for operation or installation

You can click here to fill in your crane requirements. We will design a crane solution for you according to your needs, and then send you a drawing of the crane and a quotation.

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