European overhead cranes advanced based on European DIN/FEM Standard with 1 ton to 80 tons electric wire rope hoist trolley for material handling.

Lifting Capacity1 ton to 80 tons
Lifting Height1 m to 30 m
Span7.5 m to 28.5 m
Lifting speed0.2 to 10.7 m/min
Trolley running speed2.4 to 33 m/min
Crane running speed4.2 to 68 m/min
Working DutyA5


European Style Overhead Crane has features of design concepts, small dimension, light dead weight, Compared with traditional cranes, the limiting distance is minimum from hook to wall, and headroom is the lowest, which makes cranes work closer to the front, and lifting height higher that increases effective working space of workplace.

New workshops can be designed smaller and have more functions because the dead weight is light, and the wheel pressure is small. A smaller size workplace means saving a huge amount of money from initial construction investment, long-term heating, air conditioning, and other maintenance-free.

What can we offer you?

Single Girder European Overhead Crane

We can provide you with a common single girder European style overhead crane with a lifting weight of 1 ton – 20 tons, a span of 7.5m-28.5m, a lifting height of 1m-30m, and a light working class (A3, A4).

If these cannot meet your requirements, we can also design and manufacture single-girder overhead cranes that meet your needs according to your needs.

Double Girder European Overhead Crane

We can provide you with a common double girder European style overhead crane with a lifting weight of 5 ton – 32 tons, a span of 7.5m-28.5m, a lifting height of 1m-30m, and a light working class (A3, A4).

If these cannot meet your requirements, we can also design and manufacture single-girder overhead cranes that meet your needs according to your needs.


European optimization design, light dead weight, small wheel load, and short size.

Good driving capacity, double lifting speed, frequency control of trolley and crane

Smooth and stable traveling

A variety of patterns meet customers needs

WeiHuaCrane Advantages

  • More professional service: If you are not sure how to customize, our sales manager will help you choose the most suitable product for you;
  • Best for you: professional engineers customize products according to your user environment;
  • Better price: According to your user environment, etc., we will give you the most suitable product, save unnecessary functions, and help you save money;
  • Customized lifting height: According to your needs, the lifting height can be customized for you, which can be extended, reduced, etc., which is most suitable for you;
  • Customized function: wireless remote control can be installed, which is more convenient to use;
  • Modify the power supply: you can modify the power supply (voltage, frequency, etc.) according to your environment;
  • On-site installation: Worried about installation errors, we can on-site installation and commissioning;
  • Guidance: We provide use videos and detailed maintenance manuals;
  • Replacement of vulnerable parts: more vulnerable parts are provided so that your crane can be replaced in the first time when it is worn out;
  • Parts are processed separately: after long-term use, if some parts are damaged, we will process these parts for you and send them to you;

Application Scenarios

European Overhead Cranes adopts advanced technology and international standard. It has strong rigidity, excellent design, and light dead-weight, and it can save factory space. Its lifting mechanism is an AQ-ND-type electric rope hoist. It is widely used for lifting and transferring goods in factories, warehouses, maintenance workshops, material yards, and so on.

Mechanical parts

double girder overhead crane mechanism

Single main girder, welding box structure, camber meeting the national standard

Steel plate Material Q235 or Q345B ( similar with foreign steel plate Fe3 or Fe52).

Main welds joint adopts union melt welding, nondestructive inspection.

After welding, the main girder is through shot blasting treatment, gets Sa2.5 class, and eliminates welding stress.

The main girder and end girder adopts bolted contaction to ensure the strength and accuracy of the whole set.

The trolley and crane adopt a three-in-one driving mechanism, frequency step-less speed regulating, hard-tooth surface, disc brake.

Crane driving IP55, F class insulation, contact continuity reaches 40% ED.

Epoxy zinc-rich paint, a long service life, beautiful outlook, and luster.

Crane buffer block, anti-derail end plate


Compact structure, small size, lightweight.

Square steel for traveling rail.

Consists of a three-in-one reducer, trolley frame, and electric hoist.

Three-in-one structure for trolley traveling

Electrical parts


Safe slide wire provides power whose conductivity is high and the voltage drop is small, and the current collector slide speed is swift.

The lifting mechanism, trolley, and crane can be controlled independently, and work synchronously or individually.

Reasonable layout, simple maintenance, and insulation class IP55 for the electric control box

Flat cable, galvanized track, and cable pulley for trolley traveling power supply, smooth traveling

Electric contactless module speed regulation controlling

Smooth traveling, lifting, and pushing-on

Protection devices


Overload warning, secondary class anti-clamp

Cranes with buffer

Sound and light alarm devices

Circuit self-check protector, and flow phase lack protection


Crane control operation

Several operation ways such as ground flashlight door, remoter, flashlight door+remoter, etc.

Ground operation is simple, no need for professional operators, and operators have more freedom on the ground.

Double stop button or rocker type joystick

Cam controller and linkage table controller

Customers can choose what they need

European Overhead Crane Parameters Table

CapacitySpanLifting heightLifting speedTrolley speedCrane speedWork dutyTrack type
1 ton7.5~28.56~180.8/52~203~30A5P18 P24
2 tons7.5~28.56~180.8/52~203~30A5P18 P24
3 tons7.5~28.56~180.8/52~203~30A5P24
5 tons10.5~31.56~180.8/52~203~30A5P30
10 tons10.5~31.56~180.8/52~203~30A5P30 P38
16 tons10.5~31.56~180.66/42~203~30A5P38
20 tons10.5~31.56~180.53/3.42~203~30A5P38  P43
32 tons10.5~31.56~180.6/2.62~203~30A5P43
50 tons10.5~31.56~180.4~2.42~203~30A5P43  QU70
63 tons10.5~31.56~180.4~2.42~203~30A5QU70

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After receiving your message, our engineers will first customize the European Overhead Crane and make design drawings for you according to your needs, and then the sales manager will provide you with the price and contact you. Please wait.

In order to customize the design drawings and the latest price for you as soon as possible, please fill in as much useful information as possible in the Message.

Of course, you can also send this information to our email: [email protected].

In order to provide you with prices and drawings quickly, please fill in the message as far as possible: ⭐Lifting capacity; ⭐Lifting height; ⭐Span(m);⭐Power supply: __v/__phase/__Hz, etc.; If you have any other information, such as 1️⃣. What materials will the crane lift? 2️⃣. Traveling length: m? Do you need us to provide the rail for you? 3️⃣. crane working condition or environment? 4️⃣. how long meters does your crane travel? 5️⃣. how many hours does it work per day?

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